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Getting a hold of me is easy, call or send an email. I'm home most days, usually puttering around in the yard on some project. Often I can't get to the phone before the machine grabs it, so leave a message and I'll return your call as soon as possible.
    Study and full plan sets are paid for through Pay Pal. is the funds recipient address at Pay Pal. Drop me an email or call for further details and options.

Email PARyachts

We do all kinds of boats, from thirty foot, 750 HP monsters:

Designed in 1990, this version launched in 2010

Built in the fall of 2014 and winter of 2015

 . . . to little sailors to dink around in, plus everything in between.

Though this site is focused on design, we also do new construction, repairs and restoration. We build stuff. 
28' Cooper frame assembly built in 2003

Start to finish in 2008
That's me (far left), trying to figure out how to move the cradle for the Cooper we just rolled.

 RYD also performs inspections, consultations and engineering for the various projects you might have. We've also worked with other designers and customers, to sort out plan inconsistencies or updated old plans with long gone designers, to bring them into the 21st century and/or make material substitutions for what might be currently available. Need or want a new rig or power arrangement? Give us a yell . . .

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